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- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- love this table saw.
- I am wondering how to cut  45 because you  moved it to your left side
- Brandon, I just finished adjusting the riving knife and it works great. I had to place a fender washer( bored out the hole to fit) and placed it on the left side of the blade, this made a better lineup with the blade. The 3 adjustment are done with a 3mm hex wrench. the top two align horizontal to the blade and the bottom one aligns vertically. Thanks again for your review.
- Just watched your video it was very helpful. One thing I couldn't figure out is how to adjust the riving knife. I see where there are adjustment with a hex wrench- it didn't specify what size and do I losen the lock knob to adjust, also which direct do you turn the hex nuts?
- I have one, it's a great saw. Yes I was confused about the pawl storage as well, but I figured that out too. The video is correct.

Like I said it's a great saw. Just take your time and read the instructions and maybe read them again.   It was packed well, and.... if you  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, you will see you assemble the saw in the box. 
- Just bought one of these a couple of days ago (didn't get it at a discount but the regular price wasn't bad at all) and had a rough time putting the legs together. Finally got through that part and finished the assembly today. I really am excited about it. I still hadn't finished exploring the safety features yet but I will this Friday. Won't do any work with it until that part is well understood. Like you, Brandon, I like my fingers(and everything else I came here with) very much! ;P  Can't wait to start using it!!
- Thnax bra very helpful. Going out to buy one.
- thanks, that was very informative!
- Just to let you guys know, I posted a follow up review today
- Thanks for the review, I'm going to try your way of squaring the fence, my way just wasn't working. 
- Good video, I think I'm gonna go buy one tomorrow !
- I would like to hear a follow up video on this unit, with some commentary about how well it cuts and what issues you might have encountered in the last couple months.
- I just bought this saw today. Thanks for the review, it helped a lot.
- Thanks for your review. Your review is helpful for me.  I didn't know I can keep those small items like rip fence or blade guard at the side of the table.  My first time to own the table saw.  Why do we need to place the two screws to Grasp out feed support on page 20?  What does it do?  After I finished installation, I found a 1" spring on the floor.  I don't know where it comes from, but I guess it might be used with Height Adjustment Knob.  Do you have any idea where it goes?   
- Thanks for taking the time to do this, great review! 
- Thanks for the review. I just looked at this table saw at Lowe's, and I'm going to pick one up for Christmas. I wanted the DeWalt DWE7480 until I saw the Kobalt has wider ripping and faster RPM's, and the Kobalt is about $50 cheaper.
- Thanks for the review. People don't know how much time goes into cutting these vids together, but I do so I really appreciate it. I looked up reviews on this saw after I got it specifically for the damn kick back pawls. Built houses for 4 years in a previous life, never used a table saw that had them (or a guard for that matter), and they really just kinda confuse me. When I lower the blade they gouge the shit outta my table... and obviously they don't let you lower the blade down very far. What's your take on this component? Do I need it?
- Hey good job on the video. Like to see it in action. Thanks
- Thanks for the review. It was really helpful!
- How does this one compare to ridgid model at home depot for $399?
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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